Registration Reconciliation Reports

Reconciliation export files are generated twice a year for North Texas Soccer Association (NTSSA). Only North Texas organizations need to provide export files. These export files track Add, Transfer and Release Player in order to collect fee.

Program Comparison Report

This report will assist you in locating participants that have not registered for the current season, OR you can find a player or coach that has registered to the current season but registered to a different team.
  1. Select the Previous Season Program and the Current Active Program
  2. Filter to include players, coaches, or both at one time
  3. Choose an option in the ‘Show’ filter to return the data you are looking for
  4. Submit the query.
The report will allow you to email the participants to make sure they are not missing out on the current season.

NOTE: This report is only made on SPID and not names. A participant merge may be necessary before you run this report to ensure that individuals have like SportsPilot ID’s and the data is accurate.

Volunteer Report

Shows parents/guardians who have selected to volunteer for a specific program and league.

To view volunteer data, select a program and league from the provided text areas. Enter a start and end date, filter by a volunteer position, and submit the query.

Figure 28 above displays an email option, the volunteer’s name, the player’s name, phone number, league/team name, and roster notes

Total Number of Registrations by Program

This report illustrates the total number of registrations for each program within an organization

Total Number of Registrations by League and Program

This report shows the total number of registrations of each league within a given program.

Total Number of Records in Account

This report displays the total number of participant records within each Income or Expense account in the database. It is accompanied by two filters, Program and Account. Selecting the number in the total records column will show the registered participant associated to the particular program and account. Furthermore, clicking on participant’s name will reveal his/her payment summary.

Registration Report by Type

This report displays registered participants within a database. An administrator may filter by Program, League, Role (player or coach), Date, and Registration Method. This report allows one to print a receipt, view payment summaries, look at registered participants and their program and league and observe the created date of the record along with the amount paid for registration

Deleted Registrations

This report demonstrates deleted registrations within the database based on filtering and sorting options. Entering a start and end date will display the deleted registration list. Two filters are available; one for sport and the other to order by Spid, Created Date, Modified Date, First Name, or Last Name. An administrator may re-register a deleted individual by selecting his/her name and checking out as if adding a new player or coach.

Coach Background Information Report

The Coach Background Information Report displays the background information of all coaches within an organization. This includes Team Name and Number, Title, Name, Address, Home Phone, and Driver’s License Number

Non Paid Registration Report

This report is for registrants who selected an alternate method of payment online such as check by mail. An administrator can enter a new transaction when a payment is received, edit player information, or delete the player from the roster.

Print Registration Receipts

Some organizations like to track registrations by printing their receipts at different times of the day. This report will allow you to see what receipts have not been printed for within a specific date range. Once the receipts have been printed they will be checked off the Non-Printed list.

Roster Reports

Team Rosters, League Rosters, Member Cards, State Reports, and some custom reports will be found in this section.