Adding a New Player

The Add New button allows administrators to enter basic information about the player (first name, last name, etc); along with other fields on the form found in the Additional Information page. Once you have recorded this information, select the save and checkout button.

Note: Administrators can also add a new player by selecting the Players tab

Edit a Player

The player edit screen allows an administrator to view player notes, roster history, guardians, and other helpful information. Select a player to highlight and select the Edit button. Make the necessary changes to the roster record and click the Modify Only button.

To exit the player edit screen, return to the Registration page or select the Teams tab.

Print Receipt

Administrators may look up a player receipt by selecting the Print Receipt button. This receipt will show the date the player registered, program, league, team, profile, and payment type. Usernames and passwords are also included on the receipt.

To view a receipt, highlight the player and click the Print Receipt button

Note: To return to the Teams page, use the back button in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the Teams page

Removing a player

If a player decides to drop out of the current season, the remove button is used to take him/her off the roster.

Removing a coach is slightly different from removing a player. Typically, coaches register for a zero dollar amount leaving the only option in the deleting process to ‘Take no Action and Remove from Roster.’ In a player’s case, there are a couple choices.

Locate and highlight the player and select the remove button.

Take no Action and Remove from Roster: If there are no fees for the player, the only option will be to take no action and remove from roster.

Mark Refund as Pending: If there is a fee associated to a player’s record and a refund is necessary, an administrator may select the option to ‘Mark as Refund Pending’, enter a dollar amount to be refunded, and then remove from roster. The player will be removed from the roster and a refund will be processed.

Note: Selecting the ‘Take no Action and remove from Roster’ option when there is a fee related to the roster record will move the record in a holding state. It can be located in the Finance Section of ISIS under the ‘Summary of Deleted Players With Payments.’

 Moving a Player

To assign a player to his/her program, league, or team; select a player to highlight and click the Move button.

First, choose the Program, League, and Team from the blue section on right side that the player will be moved.

Second, select the player(s) to be moved from gray box on the right side. You can select multiple players by using the CTRL key on your keyboard and right clicking with the mouse.

Third, select the Move button in the middle of the page

Once you have completed the player move, select the Finish button to return to the Registration screen.

Player Payments 

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This portion includes payment information pertaining to an online or back office registration associated to a player roster record. Purchased products will also show as line items in this section

Select a player to highlight and click the Payments button. The next screen is the Payment Summary consisting of the date of registration, transaction id, status, Description (league and team), account, item amount, and the amount of the total transaction

Selecting the Transaction id (ID column) will provide further transaction detail. Refunding a player will be found within the transaction edit

Transaction type: This field will display income, expense and voided transactions.

Amount: Displays amount of the specific item selected for edit.

Created: This is the created date of the transaction and what method was used to register. Please see Figure 14. The text, ‘By SPID 43937,’ tells an administrator that this record was inputted through the back office directly. An online registration transaction will read ‘By Online Registration System’ or ‘By SPID 0.’

Modified: If a transaction was modified or edited, ISIS will keep track of the date when the record was modified and provide a SPID next to the modified date to determine who made the change

Add A New Payment Transaction For this Registration

Administrators may enter additional transactions to a particular roster record by using the Add A new Payment Transaction For This Registration button.

Select the correct account the new transaction will be linked to. Enter in the dollar amount, payment type, initials, and save to complete this process.

Note: It is recommended to only add registration items using this method. Products should be inserted using the Purchase an item button as described in the following section (Purchase an Item).

Purchase an Item

After a successful registration; a player can not go back through the online registration process and purchase additional items. In this case, the registrant should call the organization and administrators can enter extra entries in the back office.

From the teams tab, select the player to highlight and click the payments button. Select the Purchase an Item button. All products that were entered in the Products section of the Administration page will be shown in the product drop down list. Once you select the product, you may enter a payment type and complete a purchase.

Note: Please use Add a New Payment Transaction For this Registration button as described on above section to add registration items.