The majority of an administrator’s time will be spent in the Registration Interface. Adding new players and coaches, viewing payments, editing, and generating reports are just a few tools utilized in this section.

To begin, select the Registration link at the top of the page

Select an active program from the drop down list. If your organization is multi-sport, you may use the sport filter to narrow the program list.

Leagues Drop Down List

Leagues are defined as an organizations divisions or age groups.  Once leagues are created from the Leagues page at the Administration section, they are displayed in a drop down list on the Registration interface.  All leagues are associated to teams that were built by an administrator in the back office, or teams registered using the online process.

When a player/coach registers online, an individual selects the league in which they are eligible.  The system  automatically places the participant in the chosen league to be viewed in the back office .  This allows for easy team formation between age groups.

Teams Drop Down List

This list displays team names entered by an administrator or teams that have registered online.   To start, each database has an Unassigned team associated to each league.  The Unassigned team can not be edited in any way. 

Unassigned teams are for organizations that choose to use the Player/Coach to Unassigned Team method of registration.  When a player or coach registers, he/she will be automatically placed in the Unassigned Team.  The player/coach will be moved to their appropriate team at a later time.