The reports listed under the Advanced Tab are special reports for some of SportsPilot’s customers. They are used to collect data and turn in rosters to the state regarding the players and coaches participating in the organization.

Note: Please discuss with your Sales Representative the amount of time and fees accompanied with a ‘Customized Report’ such as those below.

North Texas

The League Organizer reports in this section allow SportsPilot’s North Texas customers to collect data and enter it with the software they use called League Organizer


This report displays specific information of all participants who are either on an unassigned team, or assigned to a team. This data is required by the state of Massachusetts when rosters are ready to be turned in.


The Luyaa Export provides details of the participants within their organization. This report fits the requirement needs for the state of Maryland.


This export grabs certain fields for our Upward customers to collect data for their participants


The Colorado Export reports are specialty reports designed to meet the requested criteria for our Colorado customers