There are a couple different ways to add and edit teams in the back office.  One way is through the Registration Interface and the other is from the Administration page.  From the Administration section, a user can enter a team name, nickname, email the team or individuals, and print a team roster from one page.

Administrators may also come to this page to edit teams, view all players on the roster, edit a player, and move a player on a particular roster.

Please see the instructions on how to Create a New Team and Editing a Team below.
  1. Creating a New Team

    1. Select the Program and League you wish to add teams
    2. Select the Create New Team button
    3. Enter a Team Name and Nick Name (optional)
    4. Select the Create button
    5. The new team will now be visible in the Team drop down list on the Registration page.
  2. Administration - Facilities

  3. Editing and Managing a New Team

    1. Select the Program and League to locate your team
    2. Click on the team name to edit
    3. View the team and its roster
      1. Edit a Team Name
      2. Edit a Team Nickname
      3. Send an email(s)
      4. Print a team roster
      5. Delete the team (can only delete if there are no players on the team)