Teams Copy

Team Copy allows administrators to copy teams between Programs and Leagues. This tool saves a significant amount of time from entering the same teams each seasons.

If your organization supports Direct to Team Registration, it is imperative you use the Team Copy so the system will recognize a player/coach returning to the same team.
  1. Select a Program and League from the left column (source section)
  2. Select the Program and League you wish to move the team in the right column (destination section)
  3. Select the teams from the source section (use CTRL to select more than one team)
  4. Click the right arrow to move the team from the source section to the destination section
  5. Click the Done button when finished

Copy Rosters is an optional feature when copying teams. Please be sure that the participants’ are returning to the same team and it is not necessary for them to re-register online to the new season. When rosters are copied, the system recognizes them as registered participants. If the rosters are copied accidentally, and registration is active online, players and coaches will not be allowed to complete a successful registration.