Organization Information

Information regarding your organization, such as hours of operation, news/updates, and important dates will be entered within this section.  Please review this segment and check that your information was entered correctly at the time your database was created.

ISIS Users

In order to access an ISIS database, an individual must be added to the ISIS Users section. To add a new user to the database, select the Create New User button. Give the user a Permission Level and fill out his/her basic information. A Director (highest permission level) is the only person to add/modify users and must issue a username and password to the new user. 

Players, Coaches, and Officials are not considered ISIS Users and do not log into the back office.  Once an individual successfully completes a registration online, a username and password is generated. Participants will then be able to check their profile and team information at the Member Profile section.  To view the member profile page, click the link below to log in.


Officials also have the option of registering online.  After an official successfully registers, they are placed in the Official section of the back office. An administrator can manage an official roster, print reports, send emails, keep track of financials, and create new officials.

Officials do not have access to log into the organization's ISIS Database.  Similar to players and coaches, officials will log into their member profile ( to view scheduled games, request black out dates, view their payment summary, or enter a Misconduct Report.

When an official enters a Misconduct Report, they log into his/her member profile and fill out a report.  Once finished, the data is stored in the back office and populated on the exact form the official used.  The Misconduct Management section offers multiple filtering options to locate your records quickly.

Officials can be synchronized to SportsPilot's Scheduler through the back office.  This tool is extremely helpful by eliminating the tedious task of manually entering a large amount of Officials and then assigning them to teams.  The officials synchronization feature saves you time when scheduling refs to their games.

If you wish to provide your officials with an online registration option, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Support to activate that feature. Administration - Facilities Accounts

Accounts are created to manage finances and products within the system.  An organization will be able to differentiate between registration, products, discounts, or items purchased using the account feature. 

Accounts are income or expense.  For instance, income accounts will be necessary when a organization wants players to purchase a uniform at the time of registration.  A Uniform Account (income) would be created, and associated to the Uniform Product for easy reporting purposes.

An expense account is used for subtracting a certain dollar amount for a participant during the registration process.  This could a sibling discount, a member discount, a scholarship, etc.  This type of account would also be linked to the type of product you wish to offer.  Administrators can run finance reports which can be filtered by a specific account as well.

Receipt Header

Every participant who has completed a successful online registration will receive a confirmation receipt via email. This section allows you to add additional text to the top of the registrants' confirmation receipt. It is not program specific at this time, meaning it will apply to every program.  The Receipt Header is useful to remind parents/participants of important information such as, payments, league play, tryouts, etc.

Note: This text area only holds 500 characters max. If the character limit is exceeded, the text will not appear on the receipt.