The finance section is where multiple financial/accounting reports can be located.

 View a List of Transactions by Date, Summarized by Payment Type

This transaction report is equipped with a date, payment, and sport filter. It displays the transaction list in three segments: Completed Income Registrations, Completed Expense Transactions, and Incomplete Transactions. Each category is followed with a payment summary and the option to export the information into a .CSV file.

View a Summary Report by League Type and Sport

This transaction report returns payment information for Registration, Registration Refund (Expense), and any additional accounts created for registration purposes. To reiterate, accounts are created from the Administration Interface to differentiate between registration, products, discounts, or items purchased.

Similar to the Transaction Report by date, there are filters and three sections within this report: Completed Transactions by League and Sport, Completed Scholarship Transaction by League and Sport, and Completed Income Transaction

View a Summary Report by Program and League

This report displays Payment Type and Account information sorted by program and league on a given date range. An Administrator may enter a date and filter by payment method and/or program.

Income vs. Expense Statement

The Income vs. Expense report returns an Account Type and Payment Type for Income and Expense transactions. An administrator may filter by date, payment type, sport group, and account type.

View a Summary of Accounts by Sport

The Summary of Accounts by Sport is a financial listing of all existing accounts. It shows a total of all completed transactions within the organization for the date range entered. This report can be filtered by sport and account

View a Summary Report for Online Registrations

This report illustrates all online transactions on a given date range. It displays a transaction number which can be selected to make adjustments to the player’s payment history, including refunding the transaction. The only requirement for this report is to supply a date range

Team Moneys Report

The Teams Moneys Report is a detailed financial report of each team for a selected program. An administrator can view each team along with the amount paid and amount due for a specific team. This report can be expanded to view players, view delinquent or unassigned teams only, and include or exclude the unassigned teams

Edit an Existing Transaction

This feature displays the payment summary of an individual transaction. A transaction can be found using a transaction id, registration id (roster id), or reference number. Once the transaction has been located, an administrator may view or edit the transaction and the items associated to it.

Product Purchase By Date

The Purchase Report is a list of all products purchased during a registration period. After entering a date range; an administrator may filter by program, league, team, and products. It will display the participant’s name, sport, program, league, and team. The chosen products also accompany the player’s product record

Summary of Incomplete Transactions by Date

This summary report keeps daily records of incomplete transactions. Clicking on the date in the Date column will list all the incomplete transactions for that particular day

The transaction id on the payment summary page can be selected to further investigate the transaction. An administrator should view the Transaction Edit page to assist him/her to locate the reason for the incomplete transaction.

Summary of Deleted Players With Payments

This report gives the names of players who have been removed from the roster, but have not been issued a refund. It shows the date, roster id, participant’s name, amount, refund pending, and a notes section. To refund a player who is in this pending state, simply select the Roster ID next to the player’s name. Next, select the transaction id from the payment summary screen. Scroll down and select the refund button.